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“A full service accounting and consulting firm…. Massat Group is not specialized in one type of industry.  Its true specialty is the International client with subsidiaries abroad and one of its functions is to serve as a link and interface between the parent company and its subsidiary.” (L”Afropolitan)

“Our strength resides in our 30 years of experience.  We offer all the needs related to accounting and management advisory services” (L’essentiel des Relations Internationales)

“Similar to today’s Boutique Hotels, we are a Boutique CPA Firm offering custom tailored financial services at the international level.” (Le Courrier de Floride)

At Massat work is straight to the point: “We are not here to add mental burdens to our clients. Our philosophy is to provide serious services without taking ourselves too seriously.” Serge says it as if it were obvious, but few and far between are those who can afford to adopt his “Steve Jobs accounting style”. (Le Courrier de Floride)

“Keep growing, we are here to support you.” This is the message Serge J. Massat, French and American CPA, conveys to his clients since his beginnings in the US 35 years ago. (French District)

“Our philosophy? Professional ethics, Seriousness, Quality, Efficiency. It is our commitment vis a vis each of our clients that we practice on a daily basis” (Revue CCE International)

« Q : You recently opened an office in Luxembourg, why? SJM: Luxembourg is often part of the tax optimization process… of some of our clients who have royalties’ income” (Magazine Inspiring WO-MEN, Luxembourg)

“Serge J Massat is a character in the corporate world in the USA.  Famous for his rigorous methods of work, this international CPA knows how to “think out of the box” when helping his clients setup their business in North America, always coming up with innovative and creative ideas”  (Revue Le Courrier de Floride)

“Serge compares his action to the role of a generalist doctor for the enterprise whose mission is to keep the client in good health.” (Revue CCE International) 

[Massat] has a profound expertise in assistant foreign companies starting business in the USA and in taxation. He wants to compensate for the lack of knowledge of the local market by the foreign entrepreneur and to educate him about the specificity of the American regulations” (Revue Les Cahiers Echanges Internationaux)

“A 57 years old guy, rebel and humanist who trusts people.  Example: Serge Massat almost never signs a written contract. My goal is to act very professionally and please the client as well as my employees.  I work with moral contracts.  If they are pleased, they stay; if not, they are free to go!” (Revue TBScope)

“Our main advantage is cultural.  We are not pencil pushers.  We think when we work and we try to find the best solution for our client”. (Webfrancia)

“I love my work, it is a passion and I think I do it properly.  I am not an “auditor” per say, or a fundamental tax person.  I am more of a creator.  I “crated for myself when I opened my Mexican office… and I love to create for my clients”. (Revue Le Moci)

“My client is my number one priority, then comes my employees… and money is my least priority.” (Webfrancia)

“French Expert Comptable as well as American CPA, Serge J. Massat opened his office in New York in 1986.  He offers the service of CFO part time where he supervises the in house accountants of his clients” (Revue  Le Moci)

“.. to minimize the cost of the local structure abroad by outsourcing the administrative and finance functions to a specialist paid on a part time basis such as [Massat], certified public accountants in New York and Mexico” (Revue L’essentiel du Management)

“By using such services of outsourcing, the subsidiary can focus on the commercial development.  We take charge of all the administrative tasks, says Serge Massat.  Our clients can operate more efficiently and at a lower cost.  [Massat] is at the same time acting as a CPA and as a trustee for the parent company since, most often, it will have signatory power on the bank accounts of the subsidiary”. (Journal La Tribune Desfossés)

“Following the signature of the Nafta agreement between the USA, Mexico and Canada, Serge J. Massat has created the first French CPA office in Mexico”.  (Revue Le Revenu Français)

“We are the simple financial reporting link, and we emphasize the fact that good communication between the headquarters and the US branch is the key to the growth of the subsidiary...” (Serge J. Massat dans Le Figaro)

"From the organization of the accounting procedures to a total control of administrative and financial functions, [Massat] becomes the watchdog of the foreign operation. In order to do so, one must work with an entrepreneurial spirit and a dynamic vision of the financial management. (Option Finance)

"When starting operation abroad, French companies concentrate their efforts and means on the commercial teams.  If the subsidiary is too small to afford a full time CFO, they still need adequate controls, explains Serge Massat.  His solution?  Offer to these companies a custom made service including housing of the subsidiary as well as full fledge financial management”. (Revue Tertiel)



Serge Massat in Las Vegas 6th year of 24h Chrono de l’International les 24 et 25 janvier 2012 chez TV5 Monde: TV5 Monde and USA tv 21 interviewing Mr Massat

Serge Massat in Houston 6th year of 24h Chrono de l’International les 24 et 25 janvier 2012 chez TV5 Monde: TV5 Monde and USA tv 21 interviewing Mr Massat

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